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To book a consultation with our dedicated staff and to see how we can assist you or loved one, please schedule a free initial consultation.

Consulting and Advising Services


Life Care Plan

It has been said that "failure to plan is planning to fail."  Essential planning will reduce the stress brought on by age and illness.  Perhaps the most significant of reasons for a plan is to give you the opportunity to make choices in caregivers, living arrangements, medical interventions, and legal designations.  This plan is ideally drafted while the individual is still capable, but can also be designed if concerns already exist.  All resources are identified and an appropriate plan created based on current and future needs analysis, disease processes, resources, and insurance benefits.  Of all the choices to be made, Nicholas Care Services can provide unbiased recommendations based on AHCA standards, personal care needs and budget without a referral fee from any facility.


Care for Your Property

We know that the decisions you make affect your entire life, so at Nicholas Care Services, we assist with all aspects of life including your property.  We can provide guidance with property management, arrange and attend repairs and maintenance or even prepare a home for sale, if necessary.  If the decision is made to age in place, safety precautions can be implemented to give peace of mind and protection.

Guidance with Estate Planning

The foundation for any clear plan is to lay the legal groundwork.  Power of Attorney, Healthcare Surrogacy, Advance Directives are all designed by an attorney knowledgeable in estate planning.  At Nicholas Care Services, we can arrange and accompany clients to the attorney's office.  Further, we can serve as Power of Attorney, Healthcare Surrogate, Preneed Voluntary Guardian to work in conjunction with family members or friends to implement the life care plan and provide assistance with doctor's visits, insurance claims and appeals, as well as any transaction requiring designation of a legal representative.

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